Independent Escrow Account for Re sales

Real Estate Escrow Services in Pakistan

Real Estate Escrow services in Karachi and Pakistan are very rare. There are very few real estate agencies and companies which are providing such services. But, even among them, the Friends Associates is the one. We are the one real estate company that helps you in minimizing the closing delays through smooth real estate transfer and maximize the use of your time. For all the third party funding, the Friends Associates is the most trusted estate agency with the tap on the back from hundreds of our real estate escrow accounts holders.

Our experience in the field is quite wide which make us prepared for all the contingencies. Our services in the real estate industry have taught us how to exceed the expectations of all the parties in the transaction process. We assure you the fastest time for complete closing and disbursement of funds while remaining efficient throughout the process and keeping the support of estate agent, seller, buyer and the lender.

Escrow Accounts to Serve and Control Developers

As an escrow company in Pakistan, it is in our manual that we cannot work in the interest of any particular party. However, for the smooth transaction of real estate from one party to another, it is important to keep the consensus among all blocs. This is where the escrow company plays its parts. As an escrow company, it is important to keep the things transparent and to give them an answer of what is an escrow account. An escrow is a deposit of funds and any contract by the party on the completion of any event.

Commercial and Residential Real Estate Escrow Services

The trust and safety while the transaction of commercial and residential is vital. Ensuring these two elements is necessary for the transparency. For this, the protection that you can get is by opening an escrow account online or manually. After that, it would be the responsibility of the escrow agent to ensure that every party which is involved in the property transaction follows all the necessary instructions. Whenever you open an escrow account, you take the surety that the escrow agent would not be biased throughout the real estate transaction. While getting the Friends Associate escrow services in Karachi, our agent will only be biased towards the principals and the agreement which was signed at the time of negotiations.

Why do you need Escrow?

Assurance and investment security are two points that every buyer, seller, lender and borrower requires. That is why the Friends Associates being the leading real estate firm provide the escrow services. The escrow agent ensures that not a single fund or ownership of property would happen until all the instructions and guidelines get followed. The escrow agent is like a safeguard of all your properties.

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