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We are the trusted Real Estate legal service agency in Pakistan

Friends Associates is a trusted legal real estate services advisor in Pakistan. We have a set of a professional team who are expert in giving their advice for legal purposes. Our service includes complete title looks and due constancies crosswise Pakistan, Exhortation on the statutory authorizations or potentially endorsements to be acquired, zoning prerequisites, including the timetables included Organizing and drafting transport archives if there should be an occurrence of accumulation and other savvy, and counsel on the Stamp obligation, enlistment charges and other obtaining costs.

Our specialty may include organizing and promoting on the advancement contracts in connection to various ventures including joint improvement courses of action, redevelopments, ghetto restorations plans and so on.  We also organize and educate our clients on advancement with respect to modern parks, strategic parks, SEZs (Special Economic Zone). Exhorting on documentation and concurrences with contractual workers, modelers, engineers and many more. Drafting of the records in connection to deal/portion of the units/territories under a task including consent to offer, transport reports, rent archives, ownership letters.

Comprehensive verification for legal services for real estate

On behalf of our clients, the Friends Associates can perform comprehensive verification. To save the precious time of our beloved clients and to save them from all the hassle. We exhort on different exchanges which are organized for obtaining the property-owning elements and drafts. We prompt on the whole documentation beginning from the Memorandum of Understanding/Term Sheets and the Share exchange/venture documentation.

Structure in the legal policies

Friends Associates is not only capable of giving legal property service advice but also gives the information on the legal policies that have been generated for the people. We also counsel on new organizations and structures for tending to particular open doors in the framework, profound tourism, wellbeing and health focus, national impressions for star evaluated lodgings including single brand concessionaire of global brands in the land space. We have been serving our customers and providing them with the best and expert opinions on whatever they have asked for. Our client’s credibility has made us the top real estate legal service agency in Karachi.

Information on the taxation system

Be it direct taxation or and indirect taxation we keep our clients informed. We advise on the efficient tax structures and the investments. We also inform our clients regarding the benefits of the tax exemption and deduction of the tax on specific activities of the real estate. We also do proper planning to minimize the impact of the corporate tax, DDT (Dividend Distribution Tax), MAT (Minimum Alternate Tax) and any other applicable tax that is applied when you are leaving any project (fund exit). We also advise opting for the alternatives to avoid indirect tax implementation.

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